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The most complete production system available today, TriCaster TC1 represents the continued innovation of the iconic product that defined an industry. Designed with the way you work in mind and equipped with hundreds of advanced production capabilities, it has everything you need to do video your way today—and tomorrow.

NewTek TC1 (base) bundle 

Designed to facilitate wireless coordination and communication, the UL2S UltraLITE from Eartec is a 2-person single-eared headset system suitable for use on film sets,marine operations, theater sets, and more. Each headset weighs only 115 grm, transmit and receive over a digital frequency with total clarity  and can last six hours before requiring a recharge, which you can accomplish via the included charging station. Its microphone can swivel 270°. When you're done, simply pack it all up in the case. These headsets will receive audio at ranges of over 500M.

SPECIAL OFFER (call for price)
2 x single headset kit - battery charger - 2 x Li-on batteries
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